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Welcoming Kids: Our Children’s Optical Area

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Let's face it... Bringing your kids to the doctor is often an exercise in frustration, persuasion and bribery. Many times, they are bored and uncomfortable. Many times, the faster, more comfortably and conveniently you can glide through the whole process, the easier the experience will be for you and your kids.


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This is why, Drs. Holden and Knapp of Family Optometric Group have set aside a special children's optical section. In this special area you can look forward to:

  • Not having to sift through tons of adult eyewear that doesn't fit your child in the first place. Nothing wastes time more than thinking you have a style your child likes, only to find it only comes in adult sizes.
  • An incredible selection of the top styles for children. Your child will have a hard time choosing between all of the incredibly stylish frames we have in our children's optical department for both boys and girls.
  • Our family waiting area also boasts a fun environment to keep your child busy. We provide child friendly holden-2entertainment and fun to make the visit overall much easier for everyone.