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Prescription Eyeglasses

Opticians 20Pick 20 20EleganteNo matter what your eye condition, or how you choose to view the world, there are now prescription lenses that meet your unique lifestyle and vision correction needs. Eyeglass lenses that change as the light changes, from clear indoors to dark outdoors. Bifocal lenses that provide multiple fields of vision. High-index lenses that are thinner and lighter than ever before. And progressive lenses that eliminate the traditional lines of multifocal lenses. The point is, while eyeglass lenses are prescribed to correct all kinds of vision problems, prescription lenses have come a long way—offering you the opportunity to truly customize your eyeglasses and make a statement about how you choose to look at the world.

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Progressive Lenses or LASIK?

Nearsightedness (or presbyopia) sets in at about age 40. The good news is that there are a myriad of treatment options available to you: progressive lenses such as multifocal eyeglasses, multifocal contacts, artificial lenses and, more recently, multifocal LASIK eye surgery.

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Are Glasses Needed After Cataract Surgery?

If you opt for standard cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, there is a good chance that you will require reading glasses and possibly computer glasses. Contact your Family Optometric Group eye doctor today for everything you need to know about cataract surgery.