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Swollen Eyelids Could Mean Eye Allergies or Infection

Man eyeSad events like a breakup in a relationship or loss of a loved one can lead to a lot of crying, triggering puffy eyes or swollen eyelids. However, swollen eyelids can also occur due to an eye allergy or eye infection.

Why do your eyes look puffy or swell up from crying?

In short, your eyes develop various types of tears depending on the situation. When a foreign body enters the eye like dust, often the eye will release oil based tears to wash away the dirt and protect the surface of the eye. However, when one releases emotional tears, the tear quality is far more watery. Watery tears that travel across your face will settle in saltier ocular tissues around your eyelids and finally cause swelling.

Eye Allergies & Swelling

In general, eye allergies lead to a similar reaction as crying releasing excessive tears around your eyes. Although some eye allergies can mimic dry eye symptoms, swelling can also be due to an allergic reaction as well. In the event of an eye allergy and swelling, antihistamines are likely the best option to reduce swelling.

Below are some well known “do it yourself” solutions to reduce swelling:

  • Apply Cold Compresses
  • Apply Pieces of Cucumber or tea bags
  • Massage the fluid to stimulate blood flow
  • Eye Drops
  • Drink more water
  • Use moisturizers & keep clean

There are various other treatments that can be used, but depending on what caused the swelling may require consulting your eye doctor for assistance.

Fortunately, most forms of swelling are temporary and harmless.

Do you experience swollen eyelids often? If you’re looking for an eye doctor to address swelling or other eye allergies, visit Family Optometric Group in Oxnard, CA.