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Ventura, CA and Eyeglasses, Meet Family Optometric Group

Ventura, CA and Eyeglasses, Meet Family Optometric Group Have you ever wondered what makes the secret sauce to success?  Well, patients across Ventura California have shared amazing experiences with Family Optometric Group due to one key ingredient:  great customer service.

When the time arrives that your old pair of eyeglasses needs a replacement, there are a lot of obstacles before choosing where to go.

  • How much do I want to spend?
  • How far do I need to drive?
  • Are my options better online?
  • When was my last eye exam? Am I due for one?

Looking for eyeglasses may have other considerations, yet when you come across a practice like Family Optometric Group, your focus changes entirely. The staff and eye doctors help you as you enter the door. From reviewing your medical history with you to sharing details about the workings and health of your eye, you will discover the expertise and personal care involved.

25 years of eye care in Ventura, CA | Family Optometric Group

After a thorough eye exam with one of our eye doctors, Dr. Holden or Dr. Knapp, one of the opticians will then guide you to our optical. Our trained opticians will help you find a pair of eyeglasses that are fashionable and cater to your face shape and personal style.

Dr. Knapp hp compressedDr. Holden hp compressedTime and again patients have shared the same positive experiences:

“...I highly recommend this place; they have great customer service.”

“First time ...extremely helpful in finding the correct glasses.”

“Everyone was so nice and efficient. I will recommend them to anyone who needs new glasses.”

“ Great office, I broke my loops they helped fixing them without me being a patient! Great service.”

Patients who receive great customer service know that they have made a great decision. Receiving quality care for your eyes and finding eyeglasses that you love are the reasons patients continue returning to Family Optometric Group.

If you're looking to buy eyeglasses in Ventura California and you want to meet amazing eye doctors backed by warm and caring staff, Family Optometric Group is only minutes away in Oxnard California.