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What you can do about the Dangers of Blue Light

blond 20wearing 20glassesIn our day in age, we have a number of electronic devices that we constantly use, such as cell phones, laptops, and mp3 players. All of these devices, with their many benefits and conveniences, all share one major disadvantage. Blue Light also known as high energy visible light is emitted by most electronics and poses a serious threat to your eye health. Most of us spend on average 25 hours every week staring at one of these screens and barely notice how the light affects our vision. In other words, if you were to stare at the screen for an entire day without sleeping, you could imagine the amount of strain your eyes are going through.

Often we feel headaches or fatigue and fail to notice they start from staring at these screens. Blue light exposure also increases the risk for macular degeneration and harming our visual system. Those with a history of macular degeneration are especially at risk as well as children, due to their large pupils and shorter arms. Children often need to bring electronics closer to their eyes to see, which is also more harmful. Fortunately, because technology is always taking new steps to protect and improve our lives, BluTech lenses are a specially designed lens that blocks out blue light, enhances visual comfort, and reduces eye strain. The lenses use a material that mirror the eye called ocular lens pigment and melanin. The body naturally produces these materials to give proper visual contrast and protect from blue light penetration. Other companies like Recharge as well as Hoya also produce similar lenses to block out harmful blue light.

These specific lenses are extremely important in preserving long-term health of your eyes. Patients who use electronics for most of their day often run the risk of eyestrain or experience difficulty falling asleep at night. For more information about blue light and how to protect your eyes, contact your eye doctor today.